4th Years Take Part in International Women’s Day Celebrations

4th Years Take Part in International Women’s Day Celebrations

Today, people around the world of every race, religion and gender are taking the time to celebrate women.  International Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8th every year, and on this date we’re encouraged to acknowledge the struggle for women’s rights both past and present.

There are a fantastic number of events taking place around Ireland today. Our 4th year students were excited to get involved, and decided to attend a day of workshops and theatre – all organised by Concern Worldwide and Smashing Times Theatre Company.

The programme included a morning workshop focusing on the differences between Gender and Sex. This afternoon, they’re off to Regent House in Trinity College for a performance of ‘The Woman is Present’ – a drama inspired by the writings of Constance Markievicz. This performance is open to the public and you can reserve your ticket here.

You can track the group’s progress throughout the day on Concern’s Active Citizenship Instagram, follow them here.


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