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Sunday, 15th July, 2018

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Agricultural Science (H): Covered all main sections of the course

Leaving Certificate Agricultural Science

Reaction to Leaving Cert 2017 Agricultural Science (Higher Level) by Donal Power, Ag Science teacher at The Institute of Education.

Overall this was a very fair exam, that covered all the main sections of the course. Students who were well prepared and practiced their past exam questions would have been delighted with the paper.

Question 1: Short Questions
Most students would have been happy with these. Nothing new or out of the ordinary was asked.

Question 2 – Soil
This question required students to think before answering. Some students may have found it difficult to come up with three ways soil acidity increases. The experiment on cation exchange should not have caused problems.

Question 3: Option 1
The first 2 sections were on beef production and were straightforward.
Part C was a nice question on comparing farm yard manure and slurry

Question 3: Option 2
This was a very straightforward question on cereal and potato production that students should have had no issue with.

Question 4: Experiment Question
The experiments asked this year were very fair and students who spent time learning their experiments properly would have been happy.

Question 5
Questions on standard milk quality and composition tests appeared here and were not hard. Some students may have not fully understood the words “Qualitative” and “Quantitative” as used in the question.

Question 6
This question examined grass and ruminant digestion. Again the questions were not hard and rewarded students that had studied these topics thoroughly.

Question 7: Genetics
This question kept up to speed with current farming practice by asking about the Beef Data and Genomics Programme that thousands of farmers are participating in. Students would have been happy with the rest of the genetics question with nothing unexpected asked.

Question 8
This was a lovely question that contained no problems.

Question 9
Again there wasn’t anything unusual in this question.


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