Institute of Education Study Notes

Wednesday, 24th May, 2017

Exam Preparation… Advice for Parents

So the countdown is on and the State exams are in seven weeks. As a parent of an exam student, there are a few things you can do now to help your child remain calm and steady and get through the exams with the minimum amount of stress and anxiety. Know the exam timetable Knowing […]

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The Exam Explained | Junior Cycle Maths

What are marking milestones and how can they help students ace the Junior Cert maths exam? Shane Flanagan, maths teacher at The Institute of Education explains this and other aspects of the Junior Cert maths exam in the short video below.

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Revision Tips | Junior Cycle Maths

1)    Start to lengthen your study sessions now… 2)    Work with exam papers… 3)    Be comfortable using your calculator before the exam… These are just some of the tips for students preparing to sit the Junior Cert maths exam this June. Watch the video below to get more great advice on the exam from Shane […]

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Maths Tutorials | Junior Cert Study Notes

Need some help with Junior Certificate Higher Level Maths? Shane Flanagan, Maths teacher at The Institute of Education, has put together some useful online tutorials to help with your revision for the Junior Cert Maths exam. The questions and solutions covered in the tutorials deal with the following three topics: Quadratic Functions Trigonometry Perimeter area […]

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What to Expect in Junior Cycle English | Junior Cert Study Notes

In 2014 a new approach to Junior Certificate English was introduced for students entering secondary school. Those students are now in 3rd Year and will be the first group to sit the Junior Cycle English Exam in 2017. Before looking closely at that, however, let’s just glance back briefly to 2014 and recall what the […]

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How to Read a Poem | Junior Cert Study Notes

Did you know that learning to read a poem properly can give you a better understanding of what it’s about and the themes it explores? Cathy Sweeney, English teacher at The Institute of Education, has some helpful advice for students preparing to sit the new Junior Cycle English exam this June. Approach a poem as […]

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