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Thursday, 26th April, 2018

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Business (H): More challenging than in recent years

Leaving Cert business

Reaction to Leaving Cert 2017 Business (Higher Level) by Keith Hannigan, Business teacher at The Institute of Education.

Despite an easy start with the short questions, this paper was more challenging than in recent years. There were some novel twists in the ABQ and long questions. New angles were taken on topics. Rather than give textbook answers, students had to think for themselves and apply their knowledge.

Short Questions:

The short question were very manageable and straight forward. There was an EU flavour to this section, which students would have been expecting, with questions on EU commissioners and global business.

SECTION 2: Applied Business Question:

Weaker students may have found this section quite challenging.
Overall, the questions in the ABQ appeared tricky, but the answers were easy to find within the story.
The last question on ‘controllers’ and ‘facilitators’ was new and some students may have found this quite difficult.


Question 1, Part A, was fine, dealing with relationships between stakeholders.
Part C was more challenging, with students being asked to figure out what act protected the consumer in relation to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 scandal. There was quite a bit of thinking required here.

Question 2 was quite challenging.
It was surprising that business types did not appear.
In the year of the Volkswagen scandal, it was not surprising to see the topic of ethics appear here.
Privatisation also appeared, which would not be an area favoured by students.

The topic of Brexit appeared in Question 3, with students asked if they think Ireland should leave the European Union.

SECTION 3: Part 2:

Question 4 was harder than in previous years, and focused on enterprise, skills and characteristics.
The data protection act came up, but in a rather complicated manner, with students being asked to write a report.

Question 5 was a lovely question on business plans and the stages involved in developing a new product.

Question 6 was a manageable question on the types of financial rewards managers can give.

Question 7, which focused on finance for setting up a business and pricing strategies and marketing niches, was also a nice question.

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