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Sunday, 24th June, 2018

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French (H): A nice, manageable paper

french leaving cert

Reaction to Leaving Cert 2017 French (Higher Level) by Carole Oiknine, French teacher at The Institute of Education

Overall a nice, manageable French paper, with a good choice of topics for the productive writing.

The first reading comprehension was fairly accessible, but the second literary passage proved much more challenging. One of the questions required the students to rephrase a sentence in the subjunctive.

There was a good choice of topics in the productive writing section.
The topics were all in line with the syllabus and included tourism, online shopping and the generation gap.
Most students would have been delighted to discover the much anticipated question on Brexit, although they had to be careful to focus their analysis on it impact on Ireland.

The diary entry question, about meeting a celebrity, would have been well received and gave the students the opportunity to use the expressions of feelings that they had learned for this question.

The email question in that same section was also approachable, as it allowed the students to use material that they had prepared for the oral examination.

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