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Thursday, 26th April, 2018

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History (H): Well prepared students won’t have had any difficulties


Reaction to Leaving Cert 2017 History (Higher Level) by Sean Delap, History teacher at The Institute of Education

Overall a good, fair paper. Students who put in a decent amount of work shouldn’t have had any difficulties with it.

Documents Based Question:

The Document Study, on the Jarrow March, was very straight-forward. The contextualization question, in Part 4, gave great scope to students and wouldn’t have caused any problem.

Section 2- Irish History:

In Topic 3, there were two very straight forward questions on two of the case studies- the Eucharistic Congress and Ireland during World War 2. There was also a nice question on Anglo-Irish relations, which has previously appeared.

In Topic 5, on Northern Ireland, there was a nice question on the civil rights movement. One question on the Apprentice Boys was a bit tricky, and overall the choice here may not have been quite as good as in Topic 3.

Some students will have been happy to see RTE appear in Topic 6, as they were hoping it would come up.

Section 3- Europe and the Wider World:

The main topic students cover in this section is America. There was a very manageable question on Martin Luther King and the Montgomery Bus Boycott. There was also a nice generous question that asked students to discuss two presidents, from Roosevelt to Regan.

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