4th Year 1916 Freedom Tour

4th Year 1916 Freedom Tour

4th year students relived the historic and momentous events of Dublin during Easter 1916 yesterday when they went on a tour of the main battle sites of the Easter Rising.

Officers dressed in period military uniform arrived at the school just before lunch time and gave a talk about the history of 1916 Revolutionary Dublin. Students had the opportunity to hold authentic period replica weapons and equipment, as well as examine social and political artefacts from the period.

Students then boarded the military style tour buses outside the school and the tour began.  During the tour, guides explained the story of the battle as it unfolded across the streets of Dublin. The story of the conflict was told through the eyes of combatants fighting under the flags of both the Irish and British sides, and also focused on the ordinary citizens and workers in the streets of Dublin and how it affected them almost 100 years ago.

The tour was given by Dublin based tour company 1916 Freedom Tours and was a truly unique, interactive and enjoyable experience for all our 4th year students- a wonderful way to mark the start of the centenary of The Easter Rising.






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