4th Year

We are currently accepting applications for the 2019/2020 4th Year Programme.

  1. To apply, please download the relevant form:
    Download the 2019/2020 Student Application Form here>>
  2. For more information on the applications process please visit our Admissions page>>
  3. To contact the 4th year office directly please email 4thyear@instituteofeducation.ie

The Institute of Education’s 4th Year Programme offers students a unique alternative to Transition Year. Combined with the consistently high level of educational excellence for which the Institute is widely known, the programme offers pupils a number of key benefits:

Opportunity to sample a wide variety of Leaving Cert subjects
The 4th Year Programme allows students to attend classes in a wide variety of different Leaving Certificate subjects before they are required to make their final selection in 5th year. With a total of 25 subjects available at the Institute, students can experiment with different subjects, selecting a total of four each term. Towards the end of the academic year a dedicated and experienced career guidance team can then assist students and parents in selecting the appropriate subjects for the 5th year.

Exceptional Timetable Flexibility
The 4th Year Programme provides exceptional flexibility to students wishing to pursue sports or other extracurricular activities at a serious level during their 4th year but who also wish to maintain academic focus. Students can design their own timetable, selecting subjects on a day and at a time that suits their extra-curricular commitments.  Students commuting long distances can also opt take their classes over four days.

Get a head start on the Leaving Certificate syllabus
The 4th year academic programme helps committed students to establish a solid foundation in key subjects such as Maths and Irish before going on to tackle the fuller syllabus in 5th and 6th Year. For students who need to build their academic confidence prior to entering the Senior Cycle, the programme provides a year to reinforce the basics, developing valuable study skills and helping them to select the appropriate subjects for the Leaving Certificate.

Extracurricular Subjects
Participation in extracurricular activities is also supported in the 4th Year Programme and students are encouraged to join in any of the activities running throughout the year in conjunction with the 5th year school.

Students are offered the opportunity to take part in: Gaisce, ECDL, Fainne, life saving, debating, charity work, dance & drama, coding, Sci Fest, tour guiding, self defence, kayaking, philosophy, zip lining, Student Enterprise Awards, kick boxing, Model United Nations, film studies.

Each year we produce a yearbook looking back on the events, activities and achievements of our students throughout the year. View the 2018/2019 Yearbook here>>