Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the 4th year programme at The Institute of Education.

Q. What is the procedure for entry to the 4th year programme?
Full details regarding entry can be found on our Admissions page. Interested parties can also contact the school to request information.  Completed application forms must be returned with the requested documentation. Interviews with students & parents will then be scheduled.

Q. Will all students who are interviewed for 4th year be accepted?
No. The interview process selects students who meet the criteria and whom we feel will best benefit from our programme.

Q. Will my son/daughter have guidance in choosing subjects?
Yes. We have a dedicated and experienced guidance team to assist students and parents in selecting the appropriate subjects and levels.

Q. What is the dress code?
There is no uniform in The Institute of Education, but all students must present themselves neatly and dress appropriately for a school setting. Inappropriate dress will not be tolerated.

Q. Are there any extra curricular activities?
Yes. There is a range of activities from which students may choose: e.g. soccer, kickboxing, self-defence, lifesaving, ECDL, debating, chess & creative writing.  All activities are subject to numbers.

Q. Will my son/daughter have access to computers?
Yes. There is a fully equipped supervised computer room where students may undertake Leaving Certificate projects.

Q. What is the disciplinary procedure?
The disciplinary procedure is fully outlined in our Institute of Education Code of Behaviour and Discipline Booklet which is sent to students who have accepted their place and paid a deposit. Students and parents /guardians must agree to comply fully with the rules of the school and indicate their acceptance by signing the relevant agreement sheet.

Q. What happens during a free class?
Students must either be in class or in supervised study.

Q. What are the lunch facilities?
There are two lunchrooms for students who bring a packed lunch. There is also a canteen on campus, which serves hot and cold food for those who wish to buy lunch. Students may not leave school during the lunch break.

Q. May students leave the school at other times?
No. Students must never leave the school without permission. Parents must contact the school in the event of a student needing to leave for any reason (as stated in the Code of Behaviour & Discipline document).

Q. What happens if a student cannot come to school/ is going to be late/ has a doctor’s appointment etc?
Parents must take responsibility to inform the school before 10.00am if any of the above situations occur – otherwise the student will be marked absent. If visiting a doctor or dentist, a note from same must be provided.

Q. How can parents keep track of their student’s progress?
There are a number of ways in which parents may do this. Class tests are available through our online system – Moodle.  There are Parent-Teacher meetings in February & parents will also receive end of term results at Christmas, Easter & Summer. Parents can also contact the school to discuss their student’s progress.

Q. Is there any pastoral care in the school?
Yes. Students may meet with the Guidance Counsellor and/or the 4th year Student Advisor to talk through any issues or concerns.

Q. What happens when my son/daughter finishes school each day?
The Institute of Education is not responsible for students once they leave the building. However, we strongly advise parents/guardians to be vigilant and to monitor the time and activities between leaving school and arriving home.

Q. Will students transfer automatically to 5th Year at the end of 4th Year?
No. Behaviour, academic performance, attendance and punctuality in 4th Year are all taken into account in deciding progression to 5th Year.

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