4th Year Trip to Wicklow

4th Year Trip to Wicklow

A tour of Ireland’s most haunted gaol and having the opportunity to shoot paint balls at the Deputy Principal were just some of the highlights of the 4th year’s fun packed trip to Wicklow last Monday, April 7th.

The day started bright and early, with the bus departing from Leeson Street at 9am.

First stop of the day was a guided tour of Wicklow Town’s historic and popular Gaol. Renowned for its harsh conditions, the 18th century gaol was used to imprison both criminals and Irish revolutionaries until its closure in the late 19th century. Students got a chance to explore the dungeons and cells and witness for themselves the harsh conditions that inmates endured…

A break in the prison yard provided some welcome daylight and gave students the opportunity to see the infamous tread wheel, a form of punishment for prisoners…


After the darkness of the dungeons, the fresh air and natural beauty of nearby Powercourt House and Gardens was the perfect spot for a walk and picnic lunch afterwards …


Then it was on to nearby Kippure Estate, where students took part in a paint balling session…

The beautiful surroundings didn’t distract from the task at hand, which was to eliminate the other team!


Even Vice Principal Richard Whealans bravely took part!


Students returned to Leeson Street at 7pm, after a long and enjoyable day of outdoor adventure and sightseeing.

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