Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the 6th year full-time day school at The Institute of Education:

Q. What time do classes start?
A. Students may select classes that start at 8:30am. All students must be in school by 9:30am at the latest.

Q. What is the length of a school day?
A. This depends on the number of subjects taken, but students must be in the building between the hours of 9.30am – 3.30pm.

Q. What study facilities do you have? 
A. We have supervised study in our study hall between the following hours: Monday – Friday 8.00am – 8.00pm, Saturday 9.00am – 4.00pm and Sunday 11.00am – 6.00pm. 

Q. Do you have to study during the day at free periods?
A. Yes. Except for an hour at lunchtime, students are required to be in study for all other free periods. Study is compulsory!

Q. I’m coming in directly from 5th year. Will what I learned in 5th year be covered or revised?
A. Yes – we effectively cover 2 years in 1 year.

Q. Are science practicals available?
A. Yes – practicals are in available in Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Home Economics and Agricultural Science..

Q. What discipline or monitoring is in place? 
A. Students must be in school between the hours of 9.30am-3.30am. Students are required to sign in every day on arrival and their attendance at study is also taken. Parents are contacted if a student is not in attendance and the school was not notified of their absence.

Q. What Career Guidance Services are available?
A. We have two careers guidance counsellors for the 6th year full-time day school.

Q. What lunch facilities do you have?
A. We have a canteen which provides soups, sandwiches and snacks. There is also a lunchroom which is available for those who bring in packed lunches. There are dispensing machines for snacks throughout the school.

Q. Is there continuous assessment i.e. class tests?
A. Yes – continuous assessment takes place in all classes. There is also written homework and students take regular tests, the results of which are put on to Moodle which parents and students can access.

Q. Can I sit my Leaving Certificate exams at the Institute?
A. Yes, we have a number of exam centres available to students.

Q. When are the mocks held and where?
A. Mocks are held in February and are taken in The Institute of Education.

Q. Do you provide information on accommodation?
A. Yes, we provide information on accommodation but do not organise it.

Q. Is there anyone available to assist with DARE/HEAR applications?
A. Yes, we have a designated resource teacher who can help with applications for DARE etc.

Q. Are there extra-curricular activities available to 6th years?
A. We do not offer many extra-curricular activities to 6th years as students come to the Institute for 6th year to focus on the Leaving Cert.

Q. What is a typical class size?
A. Each student chooses their own timetable and there is a wide choice of classes, so class sizes vary. Classes are lecture style.

Q. How good are the teachers?
A. Excellent. We have gifted teachers, many of whom are authors of school books and correct exam papers. The notes provided by our teachers are legendary and so good that many students retain them for third level.

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