Blackrock Model United Nations

Blackrock Model United Nations

5 students from the Institute won awards of distinction at the Blackrock Model United Nations which took place last weekend on 20th and 21st January.

The school was represented by 16 student delegates and 2 committee chairs at the event. Speaking on behalf of Turkey were Elaine Zhao (5th), Gwen McArdle (5th), Eoin Leonard (6th), Olivia Wynne (5th) and Miriam O’Neill (5th). Arguing the interests OF France were Mark Smyth (6th), Edward Donovan (5th), Adam Goodwin (5th), Diana Young (5th), Thomas Moore (5th) and Molly Whelan (5th). Saudi Arabia was represented by Met Rama (5th), Suleman Khan (5th), Nasim Kourrini (5th), Yewande Adeyale (4th) and Caitlin Young (4th). Kate Havenga (5th) chaired discussions in Humanitarian while Angie Pairis-Ploumpi (5th) chaired the Ecology committee.

The 5 students who won awards of distinction for their high quality contributions to debate were as follows: Mark Smyth won for Disarmament, Gwen McArdle in SPECPOL, Eoin Leonard for Economics, Diana Young in Ecology and Thomas Moore for Humanitarian. Congratulations to all students for their doing themselves and the school proud.

A special commendation is due to the students representing France who won a distinguished delegation award. This prize is to represent the whole delegation’s excellence and teamwork. Their ambassador, Mark Smyth, gave a great speech to the general assembly where he thanked his fellow delegates and the event organisers for what was a brilliant event.

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