Chess Mates – Chess Club At The Institute

Chess Mates – Chess Club At The Institute

By Lenard Adanov, 4th year full-time student at The Institute of Education

It is a game one can take up at any moment of their life. It is easy to learn, but not so easy to master. Chess is indeed this marvellous game that can take your breath away.

Every Friday at 2.30pm a group of us join our teacher, Frank Scott, for an hour of chess puzzles and games in the 1st floor lunch room. For a change this year we also decided to enter the inter-school competitions with a team.

We picked out the five brave warriors, ranked them by boards 1 to 5 and then arranged and played matches with other schools.

It was all great fun and it was an amazing experience! We made good friends and good memories. If you can, I suggest you take a shot at playing chess. It is a hard, mental game, but if you manage to learn it and start playing in competitions for international rankings I assure you, you will love it as much as I do!

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