Debating Society

Debating Society

By Laura Hogan, 5th year full-time student at The Institute of Education

Over the past year the Debating Society at The Institute of Education has gone from strength to strength. Despite our small number, the achievements in regional, national and even international competitions have been incredible.

We had four teams enter into the Leinster Schools Debates and we enjoyed great success in the early rounds with one team reaching the semi-finals.

We had many teams enter all of the various competitions that were held this year including The Trinity Historical Society Mace, The Philspeaks Competition, The Trinity Pro-Am, The UCD L&H Mace and the CCC Mace.

Other notable achievements during the year were the trials for the Irish Debating Team, where a team of five were picked from across Ireland to compete in the World Schools Debating Competition. Two speakers from the Institute progressed from the Leinster trials to national trials and then on to the final. Although we didn’t make the team, being ranked amongst the top eight speakers in the country is quite an achievement!

Probably one of the highlights of my year was the opportunity to represent Ireland in an international debating competition in the Cambridge Union along with Alasdair Donovan. The Irish round was held in Dublin in January and we won the final after competing in four debates over the course of a weekend.

In early March we traveled over to Cambridge University for three days to compete against teams from all over the world. It was an absolutely fantastic experience and a great opportunity to see the Colleges and faculties of one of the world’s top universities.

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