Film Studies Class

Film Studies Class

Our Film Studies class kicked off the year with the Hitchcock classic Psycho this month.

A masterpiece of tension, Psycho captures an atmosphere of danger and uncertainty. The movie’s pacing means that the audience is never sure what genre conventions to expect and how to read the ever shifting moods of Norman Bates.

Psycho combines many filmic techniques wonderfully. Bernard Hermann’s iconic soundtrack adds visceral panic to Marian’s car journey and the screeching strings of the shower scene represent the violence of the act and the shock to the audience.

Our discussions of Psycho also examined the movie with regard to Hitchcock’s other movies (Rear Window, Vertigo), classic black and white cinema (Chaplin’s The Kid) and modern high tension action thrillers (Sicario).

The Film Studies class takes place every Thursday at 3.30pm in room G-3 and all 4th, 5th and 6th year students in our full-time senior school are welcome to attend.


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