First Aid Course

First Aid Course

Our 4th year students recently completed a first aid course here in the school. The qualification, entitled ‘Life Support 3 with First Aid’, included learning basic skills to assist in case of an emergency or accident.

The syllabus included:

– Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation on an Adult, Child and an Infant under 1 year of age.

– Action for Vomiting, and the Recovery position.

– The use of the Automated External Defibrillator

– Bleeding – types of bleeding, and the treatment of a bleed

– Shock – types of shock, and the treatment of shock

– Fainting – Full Faint Treatment

– Diabetes – types of Diabetes, and the treatment of Diabetes

– Epilepsy – Treatment for Epilepsy

– Meningitis – Signs and Symptoms, and treatment for Meningitis.

– Bandages and their application to wounds etc.

Well done to everyone who completed the course- we hope it will be a useful addition to everyone’s CV and that all students will have learnt some very valuable first aid skills.

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