Higher Level Maths Grinds


Our weekly Maths grinds provide students from 2nd – 6th year with consistent, expert tuition throughout the year, ensuring they never fall behind in class and have the confidence and knowledge to succeed in the Higher Level Maths exam.

As well as the standard weekly Higher and Ordinary level Maths grinds, we also offer fast-paced Maths grinds every Saturday morning for students expecting to achieve at least a grade H2 in LC June 2018. Learn more >>

Leaving Cert 2018 Evening & Saturday Weekly Grinds>>
Leaving Cert 2019 Evening & Saturday Weekly Grinds>>
Junior Cert 2018 Evening & Saturday Weekly Grinds>>
2nd Year students Evening & Saturday Weekly Grinds>>


These short and intense five days courses take place at key intervals throughout the year- Christmas, Easter and August. Students receive a concentrated overview of the Maths syllabus, with specific attention paid to likely topics and exam skills and technique. Learn more >>

Leaving Cert Intensive Revision Courses
Leaving Cert 2018 Christmas Intensive Preparation Course>>
Leaving Cert 2018 Easter Intensive Preparation Course>>
Leaving Cert 2019 August Intensive Preparation Course>>

Junior Cert Intensive Revision Courses
Junior Cert 2018 Christmas Intensive Preparation Course>>
Junior Cert 2018 Easter Intensive Preparation Course>>
Junior Cert 2019 August Intensive Preparation Course>>

As an added bonus, Leaving Cert Higher Level Maths students who enroll on our Intensive Revision Courses are able to access online video recordings of the classes they attend. This online learning resource allows students to review specific aspects of the tuition as they revise for their Leaving Cert Maths exam. This feature is only available to a limited number of students, so early booking is always advised. View a sample class recording here >>


These intensive classes are designed to focus and refresh students’ minds prior to the Mock and June exams, reviewing likely topics and exam skills, technique and timing. Learn more>>

October 4-Hour Block Classes>>
February 4-Hour Block Classes>>
May 4-Hour Block Classes>>


A strong, confident start to Higher Level Maths in 5th year is crucial. Falling behind can increase pressure on a student and put them at a disadvantage throughout the year. Designed for students in 5th year, Maths Academy introduces students to the key topics on the Leaving Cert Maths syllabus, ensuring they are prepared for the challenges of Higher Level Maths and that they can hit the ground running in  6th year.

August Maths Academy>>


The move from primary to secondary school is a big step for your child, with many new academic challenges on the horizon.  This week long course for 1st and 2nd year students is designed to increase knowledge, understanding and confidence in Junior Cycle Higher Level Maths, giving students the best chance to succeed and achieve their potential in secondary school. Courses take place in August and at Christmas and Easter every year. Learn more>>


With 25 bonus points now awarded to students who sit the Leaving Cert Higher Level Maths paper, the importance of doing well in this exam has never been greater. These bonus points are the key to winning the CAO race and virtually guarantee a place on the most sought-after college degree courses.

At The Institute of Education we constantly strive to give students the best chance to succeed, and that’s why we have a range of tailor-made Maths grinds and courses designed to prepare students at all stages of their education for this important exam.


OUR MATHS TEACHERS | We have the best, most experienced Maths teachers in country, who have years of proven success preparing students for the Leaving Cert Higher Level Maths exam. Our teachers are familiar with every detail of the new Leaving Cert Maths syllabus and many are authors of widely used class textbooks on the new course.

OUR APPROACH | We aim to equip students with the confidence, skills and knowledge to get the best possible grade in the Leaving & Junior Cert Higher Level Maths exam. Our teachers work from specially prepared notes, which cover every aspect of the Maths syllabus. These comprehensive notes give an overview of each major topic in an accessible and focused style, highlighting the key information and techniques essential to achieving a high grade in the exam.

OUTCOMES | Our aim is to encourage all our students to develop a deep understanding of, and familiarity with, the Maths syllabus. We prepare all our students by building confidence and focusing on likely topics, techniques and exam timing. We encourage all our students to become independent learners, and to be confident in their exam technique and problem solving abilities.

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