Fundraising for Irish Cancer Society

Fundraising for Irish Cancer Society

Fundraising for daffodil day

On March 11th, people across the world took to the streets to raise vital funds for Daffodil Day, an international day of fundraising in aid of cancer societies.

The scene in Ireland was no different, with yellow flowers dotting the lapels of young and old alike thanks to the thousands of enthusiastic volunteers who took time out to raise money for the Irish Cancer Society.

This year alone, 40,000 Irish people will be diagnosed with cancer, meaning there has never been a more crucial time to raise funds for the services that the Irish Cancer Society provides.

With this in mind, our 4th years spread out across Dame Street to raise as much as they could, and with a grand sum of just over €1000 collected by the end of the day – we couldn’t be more proud!

Daffodil Day has raised over €20 million for cancer research projects since 2010 alone. You can find out more about where the money goes here.

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