Kickboxing Club – It’s A Knockout!

Kickboxing Club – It’s A Knockout!

By Hazel Brunton, 5th year full-time student at The Institute of Education

Last year when I first started in the Institute in 4th year I started kickboxing as part of my Gaisce award. I thought I would barely stick it out for the required 13 weeks. However, surprisingly I found that I really enjoyed the hour a week with Declan and the rest of the group. As a result I decided to keep kickboxing up in 5th year.

The class is pretty strenuous and tiring, especially after a long Thursday of school when most of us on the kickboxing team lack energy and enthusiasm.

Somehow however we all manage to march across the road to the kickboxing room, where Declan our coach is eagerly awaiting us, with a whole new list of kicks, punches, jabs and blocks for us to try out. Once we’re in there our spirits lift and soon the time is flying!

Our kickboxing class is probably one of the most unique you will ever attend. Declan mixes various techniques from all aspects of fighting like kickboxing, Karate and Taekwondo which he combines with cardio exercises. So every day we walk out of the class exhausted but the hour is always rewarding.

The class may be physically demanding but it’s a great way to wind down at the end of the day. Kickboxing helps you maintain a work-play balance which can be hard to keep up throughout the school year especially around exam times.

Declan is really relaxed with all of his students and is always quick with a joke or a story when the workouts get too intense. The entire atmosphere and class itself is very laid-back. You’re never forced to do certain routines or drills and if you get too tired (which we all do at some point) it’s okay to take a break.

This year as only a small number of us did kickboxing regularly, we all became incredibly close. After attending the kickboxing classes all year we’ve all found that our strength, agility and flexibility have greatly improved. Balance… well maybe not so much!

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