Model United Nations 2017

Model United Nations 2017

The Institute’s Model United Nations team got off to a great start this year, with four delegations, comprising students from 4th, 5th and 6th year, tackling a range of issues at Terenure’s MUN earlier in the month.

The students wrote their own resolutions and argued for amendments to ensure their countries interests on topics such as North Korean aggression, net neutrality, illegal hunting, and the refugee crises.

Three students from the Institute were also given the title of “Chair” at the event. It was their responsibility to maintain order and ensure that the quality of debate and participation remained high.

Model United Nations is a great program for students interested in political discussion, group problem solving and heated debate. At each event students are assigned to committees where they must tackle a range of problems from the perspective of their assigned delegations. These events are a wonderful way for students to discover the mechanisms that effect international policy making and have fun in the process.

Well done to all those involved. In November we have the Rathdown MUN, where we will be viewing the world through the eyes of Japan, Saudi Arabia, Spain and Turkey.

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