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Sunday, 21st July, 2019

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Accounting (H): A very manageable paper

Reaction to Leaving Certificate 2018 Accounting (Higher Level) by Ray O’Loughlin, Accounting teacher at The Institute of Education.

Generally a fair test of students’ ability to record and analyse transactions, cost proposed projects and prepare budgets going forward.

With the exception of Question 1, students will have found this a very manageable paper.

Question 1:
The appearance of manufacturing accounts for the fourth time in eight years may have surprised many students, who find this question long and demanding.

The wording of the adjustments on ‘back-dated wage increase’ and ‘rent due’ was a bit unclear and may have thrown many students.

Section 2:
This section accounts for 50% of all the marks on the paper and is usually the most demanding section. This year however it was very straight forward. There were questions on interpretation of accounts, published accounts and correction of errors.

Section 3:
This section, on management accounting, was also very student friendly. Question 8, on costing, was particularly attractive as it was a short question.

Question 9 was a full question on flexible budgeting, which was unusual but was also very manageable.

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