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Monday, 17th June, 2019

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Agricultural Science (H): No unexpected tricky questions

Reaction to Leaving Certificate 2018 Agricultural Science (Higher Level) by Donal Power, Agricultural Science teacher at The Institute of Education.

Overall this was an exam that was hard to find fault with and was very fair. The paper was consistent with previous years and had no unexpected tricky questions.

Question 1:
Short Questions
With the exception of the question on wool, all the short questions were straightforward and have been asked in previous years.

Question 2:
Soil Question
The soil question is asked every year and students would not have been disappointed with this question. The soil experiment was one on earthworms which students would have liked.

Question 3:
Option 1
Another lovely question with both beef and dairy sections. It should not have caused difficulty for prepared students.

Question 3: 
Option 2
This question covered tillage, with questions on potato blight, barley and weed control, There was nothing out of the ordinary here.

Question 4:
Again the experiments asked were very straightforward.

Question 5:
There was a full question on sheep. Students that covered sheep production in their projects would have been delighted with this.

Question 6:
This question covered grass. Again many students had this topic in their projects. The question required a little bit of thinking but was not overly difficult.

Question 7:
Students that had studied this section properly would have had absolutely no issues with this.

Question 8:
This was a very nice question with plenty of options for students to choose from.

Question 9:
This was perhaps the least favourable question on the exam but again there was nothing unexpected here.

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