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Sunday, 21st July, 2019

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Applied Maths (H): Difficult twists and turns in almost every question

Reaction to Leaving Certificate 2018 Applied Maths (Higher Level) by Hilary Dorgan, Applied Maths teacher at The Institute of Education.

Similar to recent years, the Higher Level Applied Maths paper presented difficult twists and turns in almost every question.

In one way, you would have to compliment the setter for coming up with new ways of framing the questions that can be argued are still within the bounds of the syllabus. But I feel the questions were far too challenging for the average student who attempts Applied Maths as an extra subject.

If a student is very bright and remained calm, this paper will have suited them. But, is it fair that the paper is set to challenge the top 10% of the bright 3% of students that do Applied Maths?

The twists will completely put off the hard working average student.

The questions on the paper were also very long. Students deserve some time to think, even to go down one route on a question and change their minds and try a different approach.

The exam needs to be lengthened by 30 minutes or the questions need to be made shorter.Question 1 on Motion was tricky, mixing different topics in part (a).

Question 3 on Projectiles is normally a dependable question but was very testing this year.

Question 8 on Rigid Body Rotation was extremely challenging.

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