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Monday, 17th June, 2019

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Business (H): A lovely paper

Reaction to Leaving Cert 2018 Business (Higher Level) by Keith Hannigan, Business teacher at The Institute of Education.

This was a lovey paper. It gave students a nice, positive start, with excellent short questions and a lovey ABQ. The long questions were all fair. This paper would have rewarded students who had studied the whole course, and not just relied on past papers for their revision.

Short Questions:
The nicest short questions ever.
The short questions were more than fair.
There were eight nice questions for every student.
A new style of question was introduced to one question, where students were asked to fill in the blanks. This was a lovely question.

SECTION 2: Applied Business Question:
This was a lovely, topical question on cycling and the Celtic Greenway. The story was nice and clear and not cryptic at all and students would have been very happy with the questions asked.

Question 1 was a nice, fair question on law contract, the impact of trade disputes on stakeholders and grounds for dismissal.

Question 2 on the advantages of co-operatives was quite tricky. This question has only been asked once before. The last part of the question, on how Enterprise Ireland helps indigenous Irish farms was very topical.

Question 3 was also nice and topical on the opportunities and challenges of foreign firms in Ireland. The second part of the question asked about the benefits of the European Monetary Union.

Question 4 was a gorgeous question on Ryanair. Part B of this question was also a lovely question on Maslow’s Theory of Motivation. The last part of the question asked students to give two reason why people become entrepreneurs.

Question 5, on Supermac, was slightly tricky. Students were really required to think here.

Question 6 was about HRM, leadership and tax. A panel interview featured in Part A and this was the first time this has been asked.

Question 7 was another gorgeous question. The story was about Cadbury’s and how you extend the product life cycle.

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