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Friday, 23rd August, 2019

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German (H): Students under pressure time wise

Leavnig Certificate German

Reaction to Leaving Cert 2017 German (Higher Level) by Orla Ni Shuilleabhain, German teacher at The Institute of Education.

This was a fair paper, but students would have been under pressure time wise. Certain parts were tricky, as to be expected from the German paper.

Comprehension 1:

The first comprehension was quite long. The questions were clear and precise and gave students good direction. A lot of them were fairly open ended, so students had to be careful they gave enough detail in their answers.

The grammar section was very fair and accessible to all levels of students.

Comprehension 2:
The second comprehension, on street children in Hamburg, was topical and accessible. As with the first comprehension, the questions were very detailed and students would have had to ensure that they gave as much details as possible.

Section 2: Written Section:
As is typical of the written section in the German paper there was no scope or potential for students to give back any prepared material on the themes that appeared.

Topics that came up here included the musical La La land and dance lessons, and what you would do if you had to leave your smart phone at home. This gave decent scope to students.

The essay, on inter rail tickets, was again topical and unpredictable and students would have had to write quite spontaneously on what they were asked.

The aural exam was challenging in parts, and as with the written paper, the key thing was to ensure that students gave enough detail in their answers.

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