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Sunday, 21st July, 2019

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Higher Level Maths- Advice for 2019

‘Expect the unexpected!’

Aidan Roantree, Senior Maths teacher at The Institute of Education, shares some valuable advice for students preparing to sit the Leaving Certificate Higher Level Maths exam this June.

As the 2018 exam showed, the idea that certain topics belong exclusively to one paper no longer strictly applies. There is now more crossover of topics and combination of ideas across both papers.

To help with revision and preparation for the 2019 exams, Aidan is also sharing below some valuable Algebra notes.

ALGEBRA: POWERS & LOGS – Download here>>


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Aidan Roantree

About Aidan Roantree

Aidan is our senior Maths teacher at the Institute, where he has been teaching Maths and Applied Maths for over 30 years. As the author of 14 books, including the most recent Effective Maths Books 1 & 2, he is acquainted with every detail of the new Maths course.Aidan has also appeared on radio programmes to give advice to students prior to exams. He is regularly called upon by branches of the Irish Mathematics Teachers Association to give talks to teachers on aspects of the Maths courses. He is one of the authors of the 2015 Exam Times supplement, published by the Irish Times.

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