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Wednesday, 18th September, 2019

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Higher Options Sample Notes


It was great to meet so many students at Higher Options in the RDS in September. We hope you found the free sample notes we were giving out helpful. They were so popular that we ran out of many over the three days. You can download the notes you missed below.

Maths (H) | Teacher: Aidan Roantree
Powers and Logs

Irish (H) | Teacher: Clare Grealy
– Oral Exam- My Native Area
– Oisín I dTír na nÓg

English (H) | Teacher: Paul McCormick

– Hamlet model essay- “The struggle between Hamlet and Claudius is a fascinating one.”
– The Theme of Loyalty and Betrayal in King Lear
– Model discursive essay

Economics (H) | Teacher: Ray O’Loughlin
– National Income

Business (H) | Teacher: Keith Hannigan
– Enterprise

French (H) | Teacher: Corinne Gavenda
– The Oral exam
– The Written exam
– The Aural exam

Spanish (H) | Teacher: Begona De La Fuente
– Common Errors
– Opinion Piece
– El Tiempo- Weather: Vocabulary
– Oral Exam
– Idiomatic expressions

Physics (H) | Teacher: Pat Doyle
– Temperature and Thermometers

Chemistry (H) | Teacher: Tara Lyons
– Organic Chemistry (Fuels) – Oil refining, natural gas, petrol, preparation of ethene and ethyne.
– Oxidation & Reduction

Biology (H) | Teacher: Mona Murray
– Cell Structure
– Breathing/ Gaseous Exchange

History | Teacher: Sean Delap
– Case Study: The Nuremberg Rallies

Geography (H) | Teacher: Michael Doran
– Physical Geography- Karst Landforms
– Physical Geography- River Processes and Landforms
– Regional Geography- Cultural Regions
– Regional Geography- Boundary Change- sample question and answer

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