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Monday, 17th June, 2019

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Irish Oral Exam Picture Sequences | Leaving Cert Study Notes

Get the story behind 4 picture sequences for Leaving Cert 2018, in this tutorial with Clare Grealy, Irish teacher at The institute of Education.

The Leaving Cert oral examination consists of 4 parts, with the picture sequence (sraith pictiúr) section coming in as Part 3. It is a very popular section with students and can help you to raise your grade significantly in the oral examination.


Students have to prepare 20 picture sequences, each one based on a different topic. In the exam,  students will then randomly select 1 of the 20 studied and ideally, the student should be able to put together a short story based on the one that s/he has selected.


There are 80 marks going for this section; 50 for the content, which is the most important, so students must remember not to not omit any of the sections on the sheet.

While the student is telling the story, the examiner will be evaluating their standard of grammar and will award 20 marks for the grammatical content.

At the end of the story, the student will ask the examiner 3 simple questions based on the pictures and in turn the examiner will ask the student 3 simple questions based on the same picture. This will account for the final 10 marks.

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Clare has over 20 years experience of teaching Irish to Higher level Leaving Cert students and has been teaching full time at The Institute of Education for the past 13 years. She has been a regular contributor and advisor to RTE 2 radio programmes in the lead up to the Leaving Cert exams.

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