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Monday, 17th June, 2019

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Irish Paper 1 (H): A varied paper with a nice, broad choice of topics

Reaction to Leaving Cert 2018 Irish Paper 1 (Higher Level) by Clare Grealy, Irish teacher at The Institute of Education.

A varied higher level paper with a nice, broad choice of topics. The wording was very specific and students would need to have watched this when answering the questions. In the essay section, I would imagine most students will have opted for the well anticipated essay on the Irish language and the Gaeltacht in the year 2018, given the fact that this is the year of the Irish language.

Section A- Essay:
A nice range of titles, that gave students good scope:

1) Music is very important for young people.
2) People in the public world that I have respect for.
3) The Irish language and the Gaeltacht in 2018
4) The economy of the country is improving
5) The influence of global warming on various communities in the world.

Section B- Story:
This is not a very popular option for students, but the topics that came up were Revenge and a little sean fhocail ‘a friend is better than money (gold).’

Section C- Debate or Speech:
The Debate was ‘There is too much influence of the media on young people.’ This was a nice topic, and one that many students would have prepared for their Irish oral exam.

The Speech was on ‘The important role of the President of Ireland’. This would have required specific knowledge and therefore may not have been very popular.

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