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Wednesday, 18th September, 2019

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Maths Paper 2 (O): Students will be pleased and relieved


Comment/ analysis on Maths Paper 2 (ORDINARY Level): Jean Kelly, Maths teacher at The Institute of Education.

Students who found Friday’s Ordinary Level Paper 1 demanding will be pleased and relieved with Paper 2. Some of the weaker students may have found parts of this paper challenging, but on the whole it was manageable and accessible.

Section A (Concepts & Skills)

Question 1 on Probability was straight forward.

Students may have found Question 2 on the line initially quite challenging, as there were no co-ordinates given on the axes. If they persevered with it however they would have found it quite doable.

Question 3 on the Circle was straight forward and manageable and students will have been pleased.

Trigonometry and Theorems appeared in Questions 4 and 5. While students often find these topics quite challenging, the questions would have posed little difficulty.

Question 6 on Statistics was accessible and manageable.
Section B (Contexts and Applications)

Question 7 on Enlargements was a lovely question. Language used was clear and for weaker students this question would have been a joy.

Question 8 was on Area and Volume. There was nothing out of the ordinary here.

Question 9 was on Statistics.  Rather than having to sift through a deluge of numbers from the Central Statistics Office, the question was laid out in a less daunting manner, making it easier for students to see the answer.

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