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Wednesday, 18th September, 2019

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Physics (H): Shows that students must cover the entire course

Reaction to Leaving Certificate 2018 Physics (Higher Level) by Pat Doyle, physics teacher at The Institute of Education.

This paper shows that it really is essential that students cover the entire course during their revision. A hard working student will be nicely rewarded with this paper.

Section A:
Generally the questions in Section A were fair and nice.

There was a slight surprise as there were two questions on light. This hasn’t happened before and it would have been problematic for students who had left the topic out of their revision. Both questions asked on the topic were nice however.

Section B:
There was a little surprise in Section B as very little material on current electricity appeared. Students would have liked this, as it is not a popular topic.

It was nice to see a full question on particle physics (for the last three years it has only appeared as part of a question).

Some questions combined a number of different topics, which would have caused problems for students who left topics out of their revision.

Question 6 on mechanics was a novel approach to a mechanics question. It was tricky but fair.

Question 11, which can often be challenging, was on a radio telescope that would be used in astronomy, and was quite manageable.

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Pat Doyle has taught Physics in The Institute of Education since 1981. He has been a regular contributor to Science Plus, a science and mathematics publication for the Leaving Certificate. He has featured on R.T.É. radio during live phone-in programmes, offering help and advice for Leaving Certificate students. He recently co-wrote Exploring Science, Exploring Science Workbook and Revise Wise Science for the Junior Certificate.

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