Wesley College MUN 2019

Wesley College MUN 2019

Disability rights, climate change and autonomous weapons were just some of the issues debated by students from the Institute at the Wesley College Model United Nations, which took place last weekend.

12 students from the Institute attended the event, representing the interests of Ukraine, France and South Korea.

A wonderful event, the WCMUN serves as an important part of the MUN calendar, as for those in 6th year it is their last conference.

For many of the school’s veteran MUN’ers the excitement of the conference is bittersweet. The tearful speeches and joyous hugs are testaments to the friendships and communities that develop between schools and students at these events.

Special commendation needs to be given to 6th year student Fuad Kehinde for winning Best Delegate in the Health and Youth Committee. Fuad has been attending MUNs since he joined the school in 5th year and has won several honors in that time. It’s great that he received the coveted gavel and tie as a send-off to his final conference.

Students representing the Institute were: Fuad Kehinde (6th), Lia Kavanagh (6th), Nancy Zhang (6th), Caitlin Young (6th), Fay Martin (6th), Megan Punzet (6th), Sophie Scattergood (6th), Aisling O’Reilly (5th), Chloe Holmes (5th), Olivia Harrington (5th), Joe Blake (5th) and Alex Killilea (4th).

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